Sunday, January 9, 2011

Where We Are

I love where we are right now. I wish I could freeze time. I wish we could keep things exactly as they are. Where is the pause button?

We are having a great time with our little Blakeman. He is interacting, and he is just a fun little guy. His personality is starting to show, and I love spending time with him. He is definitely a daddy's boy. Blake lights up when Joseph comes through the door. He loves playing and laughing.

Joseph is in school now. This school has easy, short days. We are getting very spoiled by him being home all the time. I love that he is able to spend so much time with Blake. He will be deploying soon enough, so this extra time is cherished. We are happy in our house. We have found a church that we really like. My family is close enough to visit us. They are a major part of Blake's life. We have really found our place here. I wish things could stay like this forever.

The last time I felt like this was a completely different situation. We were sitting in the NICU with Ethan. I just wanted time to stop. I never wanted to say goodbye. I remember thinking, "Just wait! I need more time". Time wouldn't stop for us. Hours went by in a blink. Joseph and I faced something that no parent should have to, saying goodbye far too soon.

Time continues on, in good times and bad. I think this is a blessing, as much as we do not understand it at times.

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