Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goodbye 2012

2012 was a mixed bag for our family.  We had some really great moments.  Wonderful, happy, breathtaking moments.  We also had some heartbreaking moments.  Utterly shocking and heartbreaking.  I have had a hard time deciding on how to classify 2012.  I am going to go with mixed bag.

In February, we welcomed Joseph home from a long, long deployment.  It was amazing to see him hold his little man again.  Watching Blake and Joseph get to know each other again was exciting.  Things had changed so much from a seven month old to a fifteen month old.  Diaper changes were entirely different.  Baths were both terrifying (for mommy) and a party at the same time.  Joseph had a lot to learn about the differences between a not-yet-crawling seven month old and a wild fifteen month old.  2012 has truly turned Blake from a Mommy's boy to a Daddy's boy.  He adores Joseph, and I am so glad to see that almost a year away did not cause any bonding issues. 

We have been on countless trips this year.  We have had so much family time.  It has been a drastic change from when Joseph was working at a busy, deploying unit.  That part of the year was great, and it was much needed.

Blake has grown from a baby one year old into a two year old little boy. He is talking in full sentences now. Watching that transformation is shocking.  How is it that my baby was struggling to walk this time last year, and he is now jumping, running, and climbing? How is that possible?

Of course, the year ended with struggles.  Miscarriage, D&C, laparoscopic surgery, another round of IVF...  The miscarriage was hard.  I never realized how hard miscarriages are.  Having a loss as late as Ethan and Jacob, people immediately understand how heartbreaking it is.  Miscarriage is such a different experience.  Such different emotions and expectations. 

Our IVF cycle was abnormally successful, which we are grateful for. Having ten embryos in the freezer means that we won't have to face IVF again.  That is a blessing that I never thought I would have.  We were happy with ONE frozen embryo from our last cycle.  Having ten is something I never dreamed we would have. 

2013 should be an interesting one.  We hope to have another baby in 2013.  Blake will be starting preschool.  Joseph is due for orders.  We are possibly facing an overseas move (Japan), selling or renting our house, a new unit, and a new unit's schedule.  My main resolution for this year is to relax.  No worrying about things out of my control... or at least not as much.

Happy New Year everyone.  I hope 2013 brings everything you wish for.