Monday, January 17, 2011

Day Nine

Day 9- A picture of the person that has gotten you through the most

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I picked three.  

My parents have gotten me through everything.  They have been there for me, since I became me.  They cleaned my diapers, fed me, bathed me, took me to a ridiculously expensive private school, helped me understand the world, supported my wants and dreams, took me to college, helped me buy my first car, helped me plan my wedding, helped me plan my first move, helped me learn to cook (I had to call my mom to ask how to make sweet tea), watched as we went through IVF, overstimulating in the hospital, bed rest for almost four weeks in the hospital, rushed to the hospital when they found out I had the boys, held Jacob, sat in the NICU with me, held Ethan, bought us food, called the funeral home for us, helped us plan a funeral for our sons, called everyday to see how we were doing, helped design our sons headstone, helped plan a vacation for us, supported us through Blake's pregnancy, helped us pick out our first house, helped us through the process to buy our first house, were here for days while I was in labor/having Blake, made us dinners for when we brought Blake home, and the list goes on and on..... 
They have been there for me through it all, good times and bad.  They have been there for Joseph, when no one else was.  When the boys passed away, they were taking care of him as much as they were me.  We needed that, and they delivered.

Joseph has been there for me through so much.  He has seen me in some pretty horrible situations.  He has seen me dressed up, and in the hospital and unable to stand up.  He is the only person in this world that understands what it was like to lose our children.  He has been by my side through it all, good and bad.  We have the same sense of humor, values, and thoughts about life.  To quote my dad.... I did good when I found him. 

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