Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 19

Day 19 - A picture and a letter

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I have a lot of letters.  Joseph always writes me when he is gone.  I have letters from his deployment and when he was off at OCS.  I dug them out for this picture.  It is so fun to read back through them.  When he was deployed, our plans were for him to get out of the Marine Corps, move to Franklinton, and build a house near my parents.  Oh, how things changed.  If you told me we would be back in Jacksonville with Joseph in the Marine Corps four years later, I would have laughed.  

The letters from OCS were interesting to read back on as well.  We were excited about him graduating, and being able to start a family.  A month after he graduated OCS, we found out that we would have to do IVF to have children.  The innocence and excitement in those letters is sweet and sad at the same time.  We had no idea what we were about to face.  

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