Monday, January 10, 2011

Day Two

Day two-A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest.

I had to pick two people. Melissa and Tiffany are a tie in this one. 

I met Melissa in the 9th grade.  We were buddies all through high school.  If I had a dollar for every morning I sat outside of her house waiting for her to go to school.... Joseph wouldn't be in the Marines.  She has never been a morning person ;) We went to high school together, and then we went to college together.  She is an awesome person and friend.  We have so many awesome memories together.  She is someone that I can call for help tomorrow, and she would be there.

I met Tiffany my first night at Western Carolina.  She practically opened my dorm room door and said, "You had dinner yet??".  In true Tiffany fashion, she didn't ask me if I wanted to have dinner with her, she just stood by the door and waited for me.  We have been buddies ever since.  We took care of each other through college.  We worried through classes.  We took each other to the campus doctor's office when the other was sick. 

I have been through a ton with these girls.  They are always there.  We have inside jokes (like smelly pirate hooker).  They made my time at Western.  Love them!

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