Monday, May 28, 2012

I lied...

After losing Ethan and Jacob, I swore that if we could get pregnant with just one baby.... I would never ask for another.  Then Blake's difficult delivery further pushed that decision.  I swore that Blake was going to be an only child.  I was done with IVF, PPROM, shots, fear, stress, and c-sections. We were blessed with a beautiful, perfect little boy.   I said I was done. No more. 21 months later, and here I am.... I lied. 

I blame Joseph.  It is his fault.  He is the ultimate baby hog, and he made me lie. ;) That is my excuse anyway.   

It looks like we are jumping back onto the infertility treatment roller coaster. We have gone through all of the testing, and made the big decision to move forward with another round of IVF. Our new doctor is pretty confident that we can avoid overstimulating again this time around. Hopefully, he is right. We are cautiously optimistic, but I have a bad history of surprising doctors. It would be lovely for this cycle to work with little drama associated with it. Praying for an easy, calm cycle that works. 

So, we are looking at starting the IVF cycle toward the end of June. I didn't have a blog for our first IVF cycle, so I am excited to have this journey documented.