Monday, June 25, 2012



That is what we just paid for my medications.  We were shocked that our insurance decided to cover more than we originally planed.  It is still a sting to the bank account, which is currently crying over paying the IVF bill to our doctor almost a month ago.  But, that is much less than the estimate we received of, "Up to 5,000 for medications".  I did not know what to say to the woman who called from the specialty pharmacy. Relief. 

So, our bill will be lower than we thought.  We are hoping to have everything paid off quickly, since (hopefully) we will have added expenses of a new baby, or the cost of another cycle if this one fails.  Infertility treatments are so unfair.  You pay thousands of dollars to actually get pregnant, then your finances are so tight paying off the treatments, you can not afford all the baby things you have dreamed of. 

IVF is a slow going process.  Always waiting. Waiting to start medicines, waiting for the trigger shot, waiting for the egg retrieval, waiting for the fertilization report, waiting for the transfer, and waiting for the pregnancy test. I am not a great waiter, so I struggle with this. 

 We are finishing the first phase (birth control pills), and are ready to get into the actual IVF cycle.  That should begin sometime next week.  Expect some bruised belly, feeling horrible, completely uncomfortable, and hormonal posts in the near future ;)

So, let the fun begin!!!