Friday, October 1, 2010

Full Circle

It is amazing how things work out.  It is also amazing to see how Ethan and Jacob are still looking over us.  I had my 6 week appointment this week.  The doctor that did my c-section came in to talk to me, and just make sure I am healing well. 

When we were leaving the hospital with Blake, he had commented that he had just left Bethesda.  I was his first c-section since he moved to Jacksonville.  We talked about my old doctors, and he knew all of them.  After we left, my doctor called Bethesda to tell them about Blake's birth.  I am sure all of them were not a bit surprised at how complicated it was.  I am always "that" patient that has a weird complication.  After talking to the doctor that delivered Ethan and Jacob, he realised he was in the room when they were born.  He remembered our entire story. 

As soon as he walked into my appointment room, he started talking about my boys.  I wish he had remembered me before Blake's birth, then he would have understood our anxiety.  He had not been following my case until the midwife told him I needed a c-section, so he had no idea about my past at Bethesda.  My doctor remembered all the details, even the time Ethan spent in the NICU. 

It is amazing how many lives my boys have touched.  Even in the swampland of Jacksonville, we have found someone who knew them and remembers them.  Their 11 minutes and 36 hours were more meaningful than entire years of other's lives.  It also makes me feel like they were really watching over us that day.  They were making sure their little brother made it here safely.  The fact that the doctor who did Blake's c-section, knew my Ethan and Jacob just brings another chapter to our story.     

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