Friday, October 1, 2010

Blake's Weekly Pictures

This week my mom came down to visit.  Blake got a lot of grandma time, and I got a bit of a break! It was a fun visit, even if we did just sit around the house.  I took a lot of pictures of Blake during his tummy time this week.  If you notice, he is not on his tummy in most of them.  That is because my dear, cute, sweet, innocent boy... would rather be attacked by wild dogs than lay on his tummy.  He hates it.  So, we do a few minutes of tummy time, followed by happy time on his back.  I think he is going to hate baths and laying on his tummy when he leaves for college at this rate!  

I also FINALLY got some pictures of his smiles.  Who cares that he smiles at the windows and lamp more than he does at us?  At least he is smiling.  I think he knows it is driving Joseph crazy that he smiles at bright objects in our house more than he does at his parents.  Eventually he will realise we are a lot cooler than that stupid lamp.    

Looking at his favorite lamp. 

 More lamp love with grandma... I think she is staring at it too! What is it with this lamp?
 This is Blake's mad face.... he learned it from his daddy
"I hate being on my tummy"
  He isn't thrilled, but he is not screaming.

 I love his eyes
 Helping cook dinner
 Big smiles in the morning
 Happy baby

 He loves this dancing frog.  He will watch it over and over again! They are best friends :)

 Bailey likes watching the dancing frog too!

 Bailey doing tummy time
 Blake's monkey socks
 One day they will be best buddies


  1. He is adorable! I just love those toothless grins!

  2. I love all these pictures!!!!! Those little smiles are just precious!! I think the dancing frog might have to be on Luke's must-have list!!! Too cute!