Friday, October 8, 2010

We Have A Roller

Blake officially rolled over today, well twice actually.  Sigh... my baby is growing up.  As my friend Rachele said, he found a loophole to this whole tummy time situation.  He hates tummy time with a passion, so his solution... learn to roll over onto his back.  That isn't bad logic for a guy who has only been in this outside world for 6 1/2 weeks.  I am almost positive that tummy time will now consist of me putting Blake on his tummy, and him rolling onto his back.  

 Joseph was playing with him in his tummy time "play" mat.  Blake likes to call it the tummy time torture device.  I am absolutely thrilled that we paid 50.00 for this fun play area, and my son acts like it is punishment to go in there. Well, maybe he will grow into it?  Anyway, Joseph was making him do his tummy time today.  Blake was doing his usual fussing and complaining about the situation.  Blake then decided to roll over.  I missed the first time, but he was kind enough to do it again for his mommy.  That's my sweet boy. 

I am so proud of him, but so sad too.  I never thought this time would go so fast.  I keep telling Blake to take his time growing up, but I don't think he is listening.  He is making me realize he won't be my little, cuddly baby for as long as I want him to be.  

We haven't gotten the rolling on video yet, but that will be my project for next week!


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