Friday, October 29, 2010

Traveling Baby

Joseph was in the field for the past two weeks, so Blake has had me pretty busy.  We traveled up to my parent's house for a visit while he was gone.  Blake got plenty of attention during his visit.  It seems like everyone wants to love on my little man.  I was almost glad to come home, so I could love on him a little more!  I got to catch up with some old college buddies, and they got to meet Blake.  Overall it was a nice visit, and Blake's grandparents loved the extra time.  So here are his pictures from our trip to Franklinton. 
Sleeping after a morning snuggle

His attempt to look mean
Snuggling with Granny Mary
This getting spoiled thing isn't too bad!
Blake's great papa's first time holding him!
I think they like each other
So my Mom looks like she is about to pass out, but I love the look on Blake's face.  Sorry Mom.
He was obsessed with a knitted lamb on a shelf in Carly's room
Blake and Kipton met!
Kipton LOVED Blake.  We could not get a picture of him not looking at Blake.

We finally gave up.... you win babies!
I look like my daddy.

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