Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's here...

The boy's headstone was delivered this week. It just doesn't seem possible. Joseph and I haven't been back to NC to see it yet, but my mom said it is perfect. How odd of a statement is that to type? My baby's headstone is perfect. That should never ever have to be said. Mom also said that the entire thing is grammatically correct.... leave it to the english teacher. We got a quote put on it, that fit perfectly, "An Angel in the book of life wrote down my babies’ birth. And whispered as she closed the book "too beautiful for earth." Joseph found it on the Internet, and I fell in love with it. Everyone remember the boys on their two month birthday on Friday. Joseph has the day off work, but I am not sure what we will be doing. Either way, the anniversaries are always hard.

As for everything else going on... We survived Halloween. It was hard, but we did give out candy for about an hour. After an hour, we decided to just put the bowl out, and shut the door. Well, at least we tried the whole normal thing. I am thanking God that all of the children's costumes are finally out of Target. It was bad enough avoiding the baby areas, but then I had to avoid the seasonal area too. Thanks for that Target. On to the next Holiday. Hopefully, we can be "normal" for a little longer than an hour next time, but maybe not.

We have the Marine Corps ball this weekend. It should be fun. We are sitting with Phil and Tina, which is always a good time. I am excited about getting all dressed up, and having a good time. I have my dress, and Tina was awesome enough to schedule our makeup and hair. Joseph has his blues together (which takes WAY more time than it does for me to get ready). I will post some pictures of us all dressed up next week.

The last thing I will leave is a quote about infertility and pregnancy loss. I hope that this quote will put everything in perspective for people who have never had to deal with either. The next time you feel like complaining about your kids, or pregnancy problems.... remember there are millions of women who would love to be in the situation you are complaining about. Count your blessings and never take it for granted.

But to sympathize on the level she needs, you may just need to look at your wife and see that the person you love is really, really hurting--having to part with her vision of herself. It's not like she's failing to achieve a lofty dream, like winning an Olympic gold. She's surrounded by people who have gotten (and sometimes don't even want, or loudly complain about) exactly what she wants by absolutely non-spectacular, even accidental, means. That's crazy-making stuff.

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