Wednesday, November 18, 2009

They are everywhere

I understand we are in a baby boom. I get it, really. It is just my luck that I lost my two boys in a baby boom. I feel like pregnant women are following me everywhere. I can't even go get my toes done without a pregnant belly walking by. Ugh... ridiculously happy women, who have zero problems getting pregnant, or any problems staying pregnant.... stop following me around town. Also, can you not stand in Target and complain about how horrible life is because you are pregnant? I would gladly be in a hospital bed right now if it meant I was still pregnant. Isn't amazing how life can put everything in perspective. Anyway... moral of the story is don't call me complaining or talking about pregnancy/new babies. The only thing I am going to say/think is... If your dad died and I called and told you how excited I am about my dad, how would you feel? Anyway...

Last weekend was the Marine Corps ball. It was a lot of fun. Tina and I enjoyed the bottle of wine they put on our table, then the boys acquired a little more wine for the ladies. They have a big ceremony and then dinner. Overall, it was a lot more fun than the last ball we went to. Last time, we had just moved here and didn't know anyone.

This week has been pretty slow. I am starting to work on Christmas presents. We were lucky enough to be selected for the Sears Hero's at Home program. They are going to send us a free gift card at the end of this month to help out with Christmas. We are saving again for fertility treatments, so it will be nice to have that. Last year, they gave each family 250.00, so that would be awesome. Here is the program information for my military buddies. You guys should sign up next year.

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  1. That first paragraph is SO TRUE and I feel the same exact way. I am so sorry we have come across each others blogs for this awful reason.