Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Walking To Save Babies

After losing Ethan and Jacob, I have always wanted to help prevent infant loss.  I wanted to help families dealing with premature babies, loss, and all the horrible emotions that are involved.  When the boys passed away, we took donations for Bethesda NICU where Ethan was cared for.  We took them bags of blankets, hats, CD's, and mittens for the premature babies.  It helped my heart to know that our boys helped those families and babies.  Their lives meant something.   

So, next year we are walking.  We are registered for a March of Dimes walk in Wilmington in honor of Ethan and Jacob.  Our goal is to raise 2000.00 to help premature babies.  I am so excited about this, and being able to honor our boys.

Here is our team page-
Team Ethan and Jacob

If anyone is interested in giving, you can on our page.  I am also going to add a link on the sidebar of my blog.  

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