Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Decorations

The past week we have been decorating our house for Christmas.  We got our tree, Blake met Santa, and hung our stockings.  I ordered new stockings for us this year.  This Christmas is going to be a special one, as Joseph will most likely be deployed for next year's holidays.  It is sad that Joseph will miss a Christmas with Blake, but the good thing is that he won't remember Daddy being gone. 
We still aren't sure what the deployment dates are, or where they will be going.  It seems to change weekly, and we are just trying to ignore it until the official word is passed.  We are enjoying the time that we have together.  Joseph's school is a refreshing break from the busy schedule he has had since he classed up at TBS.  He is able to come home for lunch, and he is home at a decent hour each night.  Blake loves having his Daddy around.     
Happy boy!
Look who found his toes!

Santa's sweetest elf!
Our Christmas tree!
Blake was putting up decorations
Daddy helping Blake decorate the tree

Hanging out with Daddy
This is what he thinks of all of these pictures.
I love his eyes
Santa reading Blake's list
Blake and Santa.  Santa isn't quite as excited as Blake was.


  1. Blake is so handsome :) I love all these

  2. Love all the pictures. He is just so adorable and seriously, that little 'finger' picture is sooooo funny!!!! So happy for you to be able to have this time together...know all too well about deployment up/downs and just having to wait for official words!

  3. He is SO handsome!!!