Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sick Baby

Poor Blake has been sick.  He got a cold, which turned into the beginning of pneumonia.  Thankfully, I took him to the doctor early.  He has been on antibiotics, but it was a rough few days.  He is back to his normal, smiley self now.  I don't have a ton of pictures, since he was sick most of the week.  Poor guy was not in the mood for pictures.  

Everything else is going well.  Joseph starts his school next week.  We are hoping it will be pretty easy for him, since he has been doing on the job training since July.  The good news is that he is missing a few training events with his unit, and he won't have to leave.  Staying home is always a nice thing.  

So.... here are our weekly pictures.  Enjoy my happy little man :) 
Our little State fan!

Football time!

They match!
Hanging out in a moose outfit....

Nap time with Daddy.
Nothing is funnier than sunglasses, a hoodie, a bouncer.... and momma

Man this is funny!
So happy to be feeling better
Don't you want to just snuggle this baby??


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