Monday, November 1, 2010

Blake's First Beach Trip

We decided that Blake lives WAY too close to the beach to have never been there.  We took a short trip to Topsail Island on Saturday to show him the ocean.  He isn't a huge fan of bathtime, so I figured he would hate the beach.  I don't think he hated it, but it wasn't as fun as the pumpkin farm! He kept looking around with an irritated look on his face.  Here are the pictures~  

Maybe if I sleep through this, I will be back home when I wake up.
Ugh! Too much water!
Getting his toes in the sand (it was too cold to take his socks off)
I'm not too sure about this
Final decision.... not a fan of sand
Thank goodness I am out of that sand!

"Why are we here again?"
Yum!! Bottle on the beach!
Lets go home!

1 comment:

  1. Love the pictures...Topsail is one of my favorite places!!!!

    Can't believe how big he's getting!!!!