Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blake's Baby Dedication

Last Sunday was Blake's baby dedication.  Joseph and I promised to raise Blake in a Godly home in front of the entire church.  He did really well during the ceremony, as did the other three babies.  Kipton (Blake's baby friend) was up there with him, so neither one of them were scared :)   Here are the pictures!
He is right.... His auntie is awesome
Family Picture
Love my little man
Kipton slept the entire time
Hey buddy!
Buddies already
Kipton was super excited once he woke up
Little Joseph and little Daniel...
Their first fist pound
The Aunts!
Mom in the process of saying woooooo
Sigh.... Caught in action.  They did not follow instructions :) You have to look at the camera while Joseph makes Blake smile... if you look at him smiling, you get this picture.
Much better!


  1. Awe Blake and his little buddy are too cute!

  2. Sweet, sweet, sweet!!! They are adorable together!!! I love Blake's little outfit! Can't believe how big he is getting!!!!!