Friday, March 8, 2013

New York

The orders have been cut. Our home for the next three years will be.... Long Island, New York. To say it was a surprise would be an understatement. Completely not on our radar. Not even close. In fact when Joseph told me, I didn't believe him. I asked him where the orders were really for.

It's been a pain to say the least. Everything is expensive in Long Island. Everything. Car insurance, gas, heat, rent, food... If you use it regularly, it's expensive. The military is nice enough to give us an allowance to offset those costs. We get an astounding 120.00 a month. That will cover half of our heating bill during the winter. I think it will be nice once we get there, but getting there is a pain right now.

I'm trying to embrace the "Bloom where planted" idea. I'm going with an open mind, and I'm hoping that it is a memorable three years. The great part about it is that Joseph will have normal hours. There will be no deployment, training, or crazy hours. This is as close to having a "normal" job as possible in the military. We are really excited about trying out this whole "normal" life for awhile.

I'm off to research NY cheesecake and pizza.... The important things.

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