Saturday, November 3, 2012


My surgery was Thursday. We arrived two hours prior to my scheduled surgery time of 11:45. The nurses did the normal questions, getting us settled in, IV, and all the other normal hospital stuff. I found out the Wednesday that my latest uterine biopsy had come back positive for infection, so they wanted to give me IV antibiotics while I was there to finally get rid of it.

The surgery went really well. The anesthesiologist took good care of me. They gave me something that made me loopy on the way to the OR, and I really could not have cared what they were about to do to me. I woke up in pain. As soon as I said ouch, they gave me something that made me equally happy. I had some nausea, but they also took care of that for me. By the time I left, I was very groggy. I slept all the way home (2.5 hours).

The surgery took about a hour and a half. My doctor fixed my tube issue, worked on my uterus a little, and also removed the infected lining. He was very happy with how it all went. He even gave Joseph pictures and was proudly showing him my remodeled female organs.

I'm sore, but it is nothing the pain medicine isn't taking care of. My worst pain is from my belly button incision. It is really uncomfortable for some reason. Pressure seems to help, so I have been keeping pillows on it.

Overall, it has not been horrible. I am still moving slow, but on the mend. My lovely husband even made me pumpkin pancakes from Trader Joe's today. Which may have been worth the entire process ;) Seriously. They are amazing.

I have a follow up in two weeks. We will talk about our upcoming cycle then.

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