Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Almost 22 weeks

I say this a lot on this blog, but it is amazing that I am almost 22 weeks. I am shocked that is has only been 22 weeks, and shocked that it has already been 22 weeks. Isn't it funny how time does that? I still don't understand how I can feel like that, but I do.

I had a doctor's appointment today. Blake is looking wonderful. He is still very much a boy (they check every time). Everything looked great, and my peri was very happy with how everything is going. He is getting more and more confident that Blake is going to be a big, healthy baby. I starting to actually accept that Blake might be our take home baby. He might be the little guy that we get to keep. A lot can still go wrong, but we are getting so close.

I am so happy that my doctors know our story. They lived it with us, and they are wonderful to me. My peri talked about the boys to me today. He told me how worried he was about Jacob from the moment I stepped foot into L&D. Poor little Jacob had such a hard road. It is great to have doctors that talk about my boys. They know that my boys lived, and that my boys fought. They also know how hard Joseph and I fought. They know that my time in the hospital was hard, but we were so happy to be there. Everyday we were there, the boys were OK. I actually dread getting pregnant again one day, and having to deal with doctors who don't understand what happened. It is something you had to live to understand. I am so thankful that we are here long enough for me to finish this pregnancy at Bethesda.

Another interesting fact to write about... a year ago yesterday my babies were made. I was put to sleep and my eggs were removed. Ethan, Jacob, and Blake were all hanging out in Dominion Fertility's lab together for the five days they were allowed to grow. Blake was not growing as well as Ethan and Jacob, so he was frozen... and Ethan and Jacob were transferred. How amazing is that? As hard as IVF was on me, it is such an amazing process. I often wonder how many people wouldn't be here without IVF, then wonder how anyone could look at those people and disagree with IVF. I guess that is a whole other post though. We are amazed by our little IVF miracles.

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