Thursday, April 8, 2010

Past 19 weeks.

Today, I am officially 20 weeks. Most people are very excited to be halfway done with their pregnancy, I am just happy to be past 19 weeks. 19 weeks is when Jacob's water broke. 19 weeks 5 days to be exact. That is a day that I will remember for the rest of my life.

I got up that morning and noticed that I was bleeding a bit. I had spotting a lot throughout my pregnancy, so I did the normal call to my OB. They wanted me to come in, but had no spots open in the office. They decided to send me to L&D. I actually texted Tina on the way there that I thought it was nothing... and Joseph and I were going to grab dinner while we were in the DC area after we were done. I never had the huge gush of water that everyone says that they had. I had no idea my water was leaking. After a few minutes in L&D, the doctor explained that my water had broken. The doctor had no idea what was going to happen, and he went off to find the Perinatologist. The Peri walked in and explained that I would be admitted until the babies were born, however long that may be. She also explained that I was at great risk for infection, and an infection could also make me very sick. Chaos followed. I was rushed to a room, IV started, ultrasounds run, and monitoring for contractions. It was a very scary night for us.

Being pregnant after going through all of that is hard. The entire week I was worried. I tried to stay as busy as possible to make the week pass quickly. Every week we make it without any issues, the better. I sometimes think how wonderful it would be to be the innocent pregnant person. Unfortunately, we know exactly what can go wrong. As my Peri said today, I know too much about the bad stuff. I know the statistics for babies in the NICU. I know that baby boys do worse in the NICU than baby girls. I know that I am at higher risk for the same thing happening again. I would love to be the girl that worries about stretch marks her entire pregnancy instead of the girl who counts down to 24 weeks (50% survival rate), 28 weeks (80%), and 30 weeks (90%+). I just know too much.

Another milestone down for us. We made it past 19 weeks without being hospitalized. Our next milestone is 24 weeks, where Blake will have a 50% chance of surviving if he is born.

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  1. Those rates are scary and they're all I can really think of too. While I love being pregnant, I want this baby out (on time, of course) so that when I worry, I can run to him and check on him instead of poking my belly hoping he responds