Saturday, March 13, 2010


Since Joseph posted our news on his Facebook page, I might as well blog about it now. Meet baby boy Zimmermann....
He is due on August 26Th, 2010. So, yes I am pregnant. We used our last embryo, and we got very lucky that it implanted. Everything has been pretty smooth sailing so far. I am 16 weeks right now. My water broke with the twins at 19 weeks, so we are hoping for a very uneventful next few months. I am being seen at Bethesda by the high risk doctors. So far, so good. If our journey has taught me anything though, we won't be able to fully relax until we have a baby in our arms. We hope to have a very healthy, fat, and overdue baby in August.
We found out baby is a boy. We had an ultrasound today. He was very active and even showed us his perfect little hands. Oddly enough, today marks six months since our babies were born. Such a bittersweet day for us. If you had told me six months ago, that I would be pregnant again with another little boy... I would never have believed it. It is amazing how different things are after only six months.
We still have some hurdles to make it through. Our anatomy scan is at the end of the month. This is a detailed ultrasound to look for abnormalities. We are also waiting to hear how our genetic testing results are. Since my water broke so early with the twins (Pprom), I am at higher risk of preterm labor again. I get shots weekly to try to prevent this from happening again. My blood pressure is another issue. The automatic cuff at Bethesda hates me. Every time I go there, it says my bp and heart rate are really high (140/99 and 125hr). Then they take it manually, and it is completely normal (120/78 and 80). My doctor is a little concerned with why my blood pressure is so high before my appointments (umm I am nervous). She is checking me for signs of pre-eclampsia, but agrees it is probably just nerves. Hopefully it will continue to drop when they take it manually. We are hoping everything comes back normal, and we meet this little one in August.


  1. He is just beautiful!!! You know I'm simply thrilled for you!!!

  2. I already knew this, lalalalalal :D But congrats again, hehee.

    I love that we're both team peen.

  3. Hey Andrea-Congratulations on your pregnacy! We are so happy for you! I'm sorry that we've lost touch since FHS and WCU, and that we all went our different ways after freshman year, but I want you to know that I check on your blog every so often and I have always kept you in my thoughts and prayers. You are a brave and strong woman, and I have faith that God will bring you and Joseph a new miracle of life this August. Take care, and may God Bless you and your baby during these next few months! Miss ya- Marshall

  4. Andrea...I haven't had a chance to tell you yet but CONGRATS! I am so happy and excited for you and Joe and of course praying for your little one! I love you and miss you! Thanks for all of the blogs, I'm sure its easier than trying to explain things a million times.
    Love ya,
    your "fidget"