Sunday, March 21, 2010


As most people know, Joseph has been busy at work lately. The hours at his school are very long, so I usually don't see much of him until the weekend. He is almost halfway through his school. Hopefully the second half will go faster than the first. Here are some pictures of him out in the field.

Joseph hiding

Shooting his gun

The guys.... Joseph is in the back, right

Studying with Phil and Anthony

Eating something nasty...

A school sent them Valentines Day cards. Joseph is in the front, right.

If you know Joseph, you know he is hating this school.... Halfway done!

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  1. John had to do OCS in the miserable, miserable cold---he hated doing the Crucible when the all of Quantico was frozen.
    Then TBS was April-October. In Stafford. Hot as heck. I hated him coming home and making my tub black from all the dirt and facepaint and stuff, but bless his heart, I felt so bad for him!!!

    Glad half of school is done for your guy!! I'll bet he is too!!!!