Thursday, October 22, 2009


We are back from Vegas. It was a fun trip, and we enjoyed our getaway. It was nice to be away and pretend to be normal. We saw all the sights in Las Vegas, and then traveled over to the Grand Canyon. I loved the Grand Canyon. We went in the afternoon and watched the sunset. It was a beautiful site, and seeing such beauty really did my heart good. We took a ton of pictures.
When we got home, reality set back in. It is amazing how being distracted can make things all better. I really felt like I was doing alright and moving forward... silly me. It was hard being at our house again with all of Ethan and Jacob's things. It was like we walked in and God slapped us back into the real world. Joseph goes back to work on Monday, and I have to say I am not looking forward to that. I have not been alone since the boys were born. I am sure I will be fine, but I am nervous about it. Hopefully, once we get back into our normal routine life will get easier. Until then, we just have to keep pushing through each day. Some days are easier, and others feel like I have to move mountains to get anything accomplished. Either way, we will make it through. There is no other option.
After we got back, we met with the perinatologist at Bethesda. She is one of the three specialists that saw me while I was in the hospital. We were really happy to be meeting with her, as she is one of the more friendly perinatologists at Bethesda. She is also from North Carolina, so we have to like her for that! After meeting with the OB that delivered me, we knew that next time I am pregnant I will be at higher risk of premature rupture (between 10-30%). Dr Hickey said that I am on the lower end of that percentage (around 10). She recommended only transferring one embryo during our next IVF treatment, as most of the complications I had were from having twins. She said being pregnant with twins was the reason I had so much bleeding. Bleeding and multiples are risk factors for premature rupture. She said that next time I am pregnant, they will watch me very closely. I will be seen every other week or weekly depending on how I do. I will also get a shot weekly to prevent premature labor. All-in-all it was a very positive appointment. I was really nervous that we would have to deal with premature rupture during every pregnancy, but Dr. Hickey said that if I was pregnant with only one baby things should be fine. I am sure when that time comes Joseph and I will still be nervous, but she said they will understand. She said we can start our infertility treatments whenever we are ready emotionally. My body is healed, we just have to wait until we are ready.
Overall, that is what is going on with us. Joseph starts work again Monday, and I am planning on starting school again after Christmas. We are just trying to figure out our new normal...

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