Saturday, September 5, 2009

week 2... done

Well, I have been here two weeks now. We are halfway to our short goal of 24 weeks. At 24 weeks the babies have a chance. Things can change quickly, so we are not getting too excited yet... but it does feel good to have made it this far. I would love to make it to our big goal of 34 weeks, but one day at a time.
So far everything has been good. I had a slight freak out moment on wed night. I thought that Ethan's water had broken too. I don't know exactly why I thought this... I didn't have any gush of fluid. I also never had a gush of fluid with Jacob's water breaking, so I feel very nervous that I wont know. The doctors were great and got an ultrasound in my room asap. Ethan had plenty of fluid, and I felt like an idiot. The peri was very nice and said it was better to check if I would be more relaxed. Everything looked good, and Ethan was moving around as normal. He is a very active little guy.
We still can't really see Jacob on the ultrasounds. We can see his head and heartbeat, but everything else looks like snow. The amnio results have still not come back. We are really not too worried about it, as it wont change anything at this point. If he does have something wrong with him, Joe and I would never terminate.
As for us... we are hanging on. The food here is horrible. Some of the things they bring me, I am amazed it is considered food. So we have been doing a lot of takeout and subway. Joseph is super excited for football season to be back in swing. It helps pass the time. I am amazed to say that these past 2 weeks have actually gone pretty quickly. We have great friends who have visited and helped pass the time. We are so thankful for all the wonderful people we have in our lives. Thanks to everyone.
2 weeks down... 12 to go.

Here are some pictures of Ethan from our ultrasound. We don't have any of Jacob because we can't see him on the ultrasound.

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