Wednesday, September 9, 2009

22 weeks 3 days

We had another ultrasound today. Things went pretty well. The doctors wanted to know what our plans were if the babies are born next week. At 23 weeks, the survival rate is around 20%... so not the greatest. 23 weeks marks the point that the doctors can try to help the babies, but it is not automatic. Once we get to 24 weeks (50% survival rate)we are given no choice, and the doctors will do everything they can to help. The doctors wanted to know if something happens, what we wanted them to do. We decided we wanted them to try for the boys. They have been through so much, we have to give them the chance to make it. We also were worried about the "what ifs" and guilt. After making our decision, my doctor decided I will get steroid injections and start antibiotics on Sunday. The antibiotics should get me past 24 weeks without an infection, and the steroids will help mature the boy's lungs. I will get another round of steroids in a few weeks. We are still waiting and hoping. The longer that I can stay pregnant the better chance both boys have. It will feel good to know that they have a chance at survival. The past 2 1/2 weeks, we knew if they were born the doctors could not do anything. Keep the prayers going up! The doctor said he is amazed I am still pregnant. He thought I would have delivered after 7 days. So the prayers are working. We need another month to get these boys a good chance of being OK, and things can change within hours.

The ultrasound went well. Jacob (baby A) still has no fluid. He is laying across my cervix in a ball. The perinatologist said that his position is probably why I have not gone into labor yet. We could not see a lot, just his head and heartbeat. His head is still oval, but we expect it to stay like that until his is born.
Ethan (baby B) was sleeping for today's ultrasound. Usually he likes to jump around and give us a show, but the ultrasound was during his nap time. He is still all boy (they check every ultrasound). The doctor said he had a great amount of fluid, probably from all of the water I have been drinking. They were looking for the portion of the sac that was separating. Last week they were very concerned with it, and thought Ethan's sac may rupture as well. This week, the doctor looked for it and could not find it. He called in another peri, and both of them decided that it had fused back to a normal position. That was great news!
He "weighed" both boys, and they weigh a little less than a pound each. He said the ultrasound machine is not super accurate with weights, but it gives us an idea. The peri said that those weights are perfect for their age. They only weigh them every 3 weeks, so we wont know for a few weeks what their new weights are. Ethan was breech last week, and has turned head down. He is still small enough to move around, so it will change again. Overall Ethan is looking great, and we have no idea how Jacob is doing. They were rushed today, and we didn't get any cute face pictures this week.

So, everyone keep on praying. We want to stay here as long as possible for our little guys. The doctors are still concerned about infection and labor, those are the major risks right now.

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  1. I'm glad you'll be able to start the antibiotics and steroids on sunday!! That's one step closer. hugs and prayers girl <3