Saturday, August 4, 2012


We had our egg retrieval today, and they got six eggs. Less than our last cycle. We had nine eggs last time, so I was a bit disappointed with only six.

The nurses said they were great quality, so we are hoping for a great fertilization report tomorrow.

The egg retrieval went very smoothly. They knocked me out, and I don't remember a thing. Joseph said I was talking gibberish in the recovery room, but nothing too embarrassing. :)

Everyone say a prayer or cross your fingers. We are hoping for some great embryos, but with only six eggs... We aren't working with a lot.


  1. 6 is great! Hoping for a wonderful fert report for you!

    As you know (I think), with Kate's cycle we only got 5 eggs. Sometimes a low yield really does produce great quality. All of our eggs were mature, they all fertilized, and two were put back at day 3 (highest quality) and two were frozen at day 5. I had more to freeze than a good friend who cycled at the same time with me - and they retrieved 36 from her. So while I understand the desire to have more to work with, I know from experience that "more" isn't always "better" :).