Wednesday, November 16, 2011


It is amazing how exhausting a toddler can be.  Blake has hit the tantrum stage.  He officially melts down about something as meaningless as me forgetting to let him turn the light off.  That isn't made up, it has happened.  Tonight he melted down at Applebee's, because he had to sit in his highchair.  We had a twenty minute meltdown in the bathroom.  Over a seat .  Such a stubborn boy.  Between this new development, school, Joseph's current location, and keeping our house from looking like an episode of hoarders, I officially look like this....

There just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done.  I feel like I am almost failing at everything.  I have two more weeks of graduate class, then I am done for awhile.  This class reminded me how much work they require.  Doing them with Blake is hard.  I won't be taking another until Joseph's job has him home for awhile.  Hopefully after the next two weeks, I can get things together.  It seems like Blake is behind, since he isn't doing things so-and-so's child is doing.  I completely blame myself when people say things like that.  I wish I had the help around the house to teach him how to multiply and divide by the time he is two.  Sadly, it is just me making sure he has food to eat, clean clothes, and a clean environment.  I try, but I don't have time to drill things into his head like I would if I had his Daddy around.  Hopefully when my school is done and the holidays are over, he can learn how to drive Joseph's truck or something equally as impressive.  If not, he can continue to be a little boy who loves cars, ducks, and books.   

  Here are some pictures I had made of us... We are surviving!     

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