Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Before I became a homeowner, I had no idea how awesome grass was (the legal kind that grows in your yard).  I always wondered why people cared about their grass so much.  They make products to kill weeds, sprinklers, chemicals to make the grass grow, fertilizers, and pesticides to kill bugs that might hurt your "turf" (I know the lingo).  There are companies that their sole purpose is to make your grass grow.  They don't plant it.  They don't cut it.  They just come to your home and make it grow.  People obsess over grass....  so silly. It does nothing but grow and need to be cut.

::Enter homeowner Andrea::

I want grass! For some reason, our grass all died this winter.  Almost all of it.  My yard is brown.  There is a noticeable line between my neighbor's yard and our dead grass.  The ditch in front of our house has greener, happier grass than my yard.  Why did this happen?  I have no idea.  Obviously, we are not responsible grass owners, and everyone else in our neighborhood is.  We skipped the grass class in homeowner 101.

So, we have become the people I use to make fun of.  We have hired a company to come "save" our grass.  I water our grass.  Joseph planted a ton of grass seed.  The grass seed is coming up now.  The first time I saw it, you would have thought they were tiny diamonds poking out of the soil. I tried to take a picture to send to Joseph, but it is too short to see in a photo.

Sigh... I never knew grass was such a hard thing to grow.  It grows everywhere else.  People pull it from gardens and flower beds all. the. time.  Hopefully, by the end of this summer, I will have a great "after" picture for my blog.

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  1. i know all about this feeling that comes with home ownership! our backyard STILL hasn't came in completely. heck, i'd take dead grass over partial mud pit. awful! the amount of money we've spent on our yard is ridiculous. we've had landscaping companies come out and it's still patchy with mud spots!