Sunday, June 13, 2010

Almost Done

The past few weeks have been busy. Buying a house is hard work, especially when you are doing it from five hours away. Everything has been going smoothly, but it still involves a lot of work and time on the phone. With Joseph being gone all the time, I had to do it all. We finally found insurance for our new home, which means we are officially done with our part of the process! The rest of the work is done by the bank, my realtor, and the sellers. I am done!

I have also been really busy packing and trying to get our house in order. Because Joseph is so busy at work, this has also all been on my shoulders. My list of things that need to be done is getting smaller and smaller. We have two and a half more weeks until the big move, and I think we are going to be ready. My mom is coming to help me pack next week, which will be great. We found a fridge and dining room set for our house, which were both things we needed. All-in-all it is coming together.

Everything is going well with Blake. We have about 10 weeks until his due date (which has made this packing and house buying process a little more challenging). I have officially been removed from the high risk clinic at Bethesda. I am just a normal pregnant woman, or so they say. It is going to be stressful switching hospitals at the last minute, but I have only heard great things about Camp Lejeune's L&D. The past few weeks have been flying, since I have been so busy with moving. Hopefully the next ten weeks will also fly, and he will be here before we know it.

I leave you with a few pictures of our house. I can't wait to move into it!


  1. Hi Andrea,
    I went to High School with Joseph and have been following your blog for a while. Just wanted to wish you luck with your move. My husband works at Camp Lejeune and we live fairly close so if I can help you guys with anything, let me know. One of my husband's coworkers just had a baby there and had nothing but good things to say about it! I hope everything goes smoothly, I'm really excited for you guys.

  2. The house is beautiful and I bet you are excited. I just loved, loved, loved NC--I know I tell you that all the time!

    Gosh--10 weeks!!! HOLY COW!!! Just loving every second (save the hard moving ones!) for you!