Saturday, August 29, 2009

Week One...done

Week one of hospital bed rest is done. For everyone that has no idea what is going on, I was put on hospital bed rest last Friday. I was having some bleeding, which I have had throughout the pregnancy. The OB wanted to check, but had no appointments. We were sent up to L&D to be checked out, and thought we would be done in time for a nice dinner in the area. It turns out... baby A (Jacob) has a leak in his sac. He is leaking amniotic fluid. After speaking to a perinatologist (fetal specialist), we were informed I would be in the hospital until I deliver. Baby B (Ethan) was jumping around with no issues. I was dehydrated from sitting around the hospital and having contractions every 8 minutes or so. I was taken to L&D, given fluid, and put on a monitor. After the fluid the contractions stopped and I was moved to the antepartum side of the floor. We had a level II ultrasound that showed Ethan (baby B) is perfect. He had no signs of problems at all. Jacob (Baby A) has very little fluid around him, which made the measuring ultrasound impossible. The doctors decided to send off some of the fluid I am leaking to check for chromosomal issues. We should find out the results sometime next week.

Our main worry is infection at this point. I am 21 weeks tomorrow, and the babies wont make it outside until I get to 24 weeks. An infection is VERY dangerous right now. If I get an infection, the doctors plan to deliver Jacob (baby A) and attempt to keep Ethan (baby B) inside. There is about a 50% chance this will work. I will be VERY sick. So we are praying infection will hold off for awhile. They plan to start antibiotics on September 10th, which will get me past 24 weeks. It is too early to start them now. So fingers crossed we make it to September 10th with no signs of infection.

The babies are doing well so far. We get ultrasounds once a week, so we will know more on Monday. They went from checking the heartbeats every four hours to once a day. They have had good heartbeats and rates so far. We have already been told that if this pregnancy was not a twin pregnancy, we would have lost the baby already. The boys are already looking out for each other. The doctor said things will change quickly, so we are trying to take everything one day at a time. Our short goal is 24 weeks and out long goal is to make it as close to 34 weeks as possible. It will be a long time in the hospital, but after all we have been through... I just want everyone to be OK. Please keep us in your prayers, we really need to avoid infections at this point. I will update as information comes in.


  1. I'm glad you are doing this. I'm sure you were probably getting sick of people asking "how are you" and having to explain everything 20 different times haha! Many prayers coming from the Negron household! I think of you everyday and I know i've said it a gazillion times, but if you need anything.. just let me know. I'm home all the time, so I'm always free and it's no problem at all. I'd love to help out in any way I could. I know this isnt easy on either of you, so whatever I can do to make it just a little better, i'm all for it. Even if it's just to do some laundry for ya, bring you some new magazines or bring you somethin to eat. I dont know how much time Joe is allowed to have off while you're there, so I can fill in when he cant be there if you ever want company. love ya girl and I pray those two little boys stay put at least a few more weeks (and hopefully longer!)

  2. <3
    i've been thinking and praying for you a lot lately.
    and i love your names! two of my most favorite!

  3. I'm so glad you started this blog. I have probably driven Tina crazy asking for updates. Keeping you and your growing family in our prayers. Let me know when you are up for a visit. I have cut my hours back at work, just until this morning sickness and constant nausea eases up a little so just let me know what works for you.